Gone Glasgow/Cool Glasgow

Gone Glasgow/Cool Glasgow

All Photos:  Pete Grafton

Gone Glasgow    Odeon, Renfield Street.

Cool Glasgow   Sauchiehall Street


Gone  Glasgow

The original Kings Cafe, 2002.

C&A, Sauchiehall Street, 1999.

Glasgow Apollo demolition, 1989.

Grass on George Square, July 1999. Now tarmacked over, for “Events”.  No grass now to picnic on, have your lunch or chill out.

Daggs “The Gardeners Shop”, Bath Street, 2004.  After 92 years in business it closed in June 2005.

Daggs “The Gardeners Shop”, 2004.  Always a friendly, knowledgeable staff who knew their Epicure potato from an Arran Pilot.

The best baccy, fag and cigar shop in Glasgow – Herbert Love’s in St Vincent Place, just off George Square. Closed December, 2007.

The Rubaiyat, Byres Road. Closed.

Odeon, Renfield Street, December 2003. Note Evening Times seller

Odeon, Renfield Street, closed, 2007.   Still an Evening Times Pitch.

Closed Odeon, and one of those afternoons.  2007.  Still an Evening Times vendor.

Franco’s, Central Station. 1997.

Franco’s, Central Station, January, 2004.

Franco’s, Central Station, and some of the wonderful staff, summer 2002. And no, unfortunately I never did get ’round to photographing the man himself – Franco.


Cool  Glasgow

Supercuts, and super style, Central Station, Glasgow, opposite from Franco’s.  June 1999.

Supercuts too. The sharp end of cool. Glasgow Central Station, June 2002.

No one needs a catwalk when you’ve got Central Station. Glasgow, August, 2003.

How to wear a blazor, and style your hair. Glasgow Central Station, August, 2003.

 Glasgow, July, 1999.

Young couple, Argyle Street, June, 1999.

Richard Burton look-a-like motorcycle cop, Argyle Street. 1999. Dillons bookshop and Strathclyde Police both gone.

Eco demo woman, St Enoch Square, June, 1999.

Into town, meet a few pals. Central Station, March 2003.

Dog and his man. Central Station, March 2003.

Glory Box.   Buchanon Street end of Sauchiehall Street, June 2003.

Uefa Cup final, Glasgow. 2007.  Programme seller.

‘That’s brilliant.’   Photo booth, Glasgow Central station, August 2003.

Cool dude. Glasgow Central, August, 2003.

Central Station, Glasgow,  August, 2013.   Brilliant hair styling, great suit.


Pete Grafton Photo Posts coming in  March & April 2018

U.S. Doc in Eastern Bloc, 1950s.

Photos from the Pete Grafton Collection

US Doc, on left, believed to be an orthpedic surgeon, in front of Communist Party street posters.  Prague, July 1959

Little girl and specialist nurse, orthopedic clinic, believed to be Prague. July 1959.  Photo taken by U.S. Doc.


Dawlish: Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane?

A Happening.

Photos by Pete Grafton.

Dawlish.  Summer, 2016.


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