Photos by Pete Grafton on You Tube

Sacré-Coeur, Paris

Tourist in Bologna and Lucca, Italy, in Edinburgh, in Paris, in Vevey, Bern and Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and tourists in Bath, England.

Vevey, Switzerland

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Scottish Young Woman 1915 – 1921 Photo Album

Scottish Young Woman Photo Album 1915 – 1921

on You Tube

Falconhall, Morningside, Edinburgh, 1917.

A video of a collection of photos from her Photo Album, from the Great War, as a schoolgirl, to the Jazz Age of the 1920s.

Kingussie Highland Games, 1919.

The Pentlands, 1920. “Swotting for my French degree”.

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Edinburgh Fringe Festivals

Edinburgh Fringe Festivals

Despite Covid 19

on You Tube




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Biggar, Carnwath, Moffat & Peebles Agricultural Shows

Biggar, Carnwath, Moffat & Peebles Agricultural Shows on You Tube

2020: Cancelled due to C 19 Virus, but alive here.

Biggar Show 1999.

Carnwath Show, 2004

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Paris When it Snows: Kisses and Fun

Paris When it Snows, Kisses and Fun

Paris When it Snows, Kisses and Fun, Janvier 2013, on You Tube.

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Doggies – Love & Friendship, 1910 – 1960 0n You Tube

Doggies – Love & Friendship, 1910 – 1960.

Photos of Doggies 1910 to 1960 from England, Germany, Scotland and USA on You Tube.

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Windows of Desire

Windows of Desire

Windows of Desire, a photo presentation by Pete Grafton is on You Tube.  Leave any comments or get in touch via

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London Town on You Tube

London Town 54

London Town 54 is also now on You Tube

16 Videos on You Tube.  On You Tube key in Pete Grafton, or, London Photos 1954.

To view the Introduction by Pete Grafton and London Womens Fashions in the summer of 1954, Click Below.



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Torcross, South Devon

Torcross, looking north towards Slapton Sands, the site of Exercise Tiger, 1944. (1)

Torcross, South Devon. 2015.

Photos Pete Grafton.

South of Torcross:  defensive World War Two buildings and interesting strata.

Second World War Pill Box, Torcross.

Beach strata and Second World War Pill Box, Torcross.


Footnote (1)  Next to the main A379 road at Torcross is a Sherman Tank, a memorial to the incident. The memorial is known as the Exercise Tiger Memorial.   749 US troops – there are speculations the figure was higher – rehearsing for D Day landings at Slapton Sands in April 1944 were killed by friendly fire, and German raider E-boats. For accounts of the incident, see Exercise Tiger online.

“American troops landing on Slapton Sands, England, during rehearsals for D day”. Photo source, with grateful thanks: US Signal Corps/Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division.


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U3 Hamburg

In the air: U3 Bahn Landungsbrücken – Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg. 

photos Pete Grafton.  December 11, 2019.


The U3 transit was conceived in 1905 and completed in 1912.  The section that runs along by the Elbe is elevated.

Elevated track, U3 line Hamburg, in direction of Baumwall.

U3 train on elevated track by Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg.  Postcard circa 1914.

Map of the Landungsbrüken and Baumwall area.   Map, with grateful acknowledgement  Mairs Geographischer Verlag/Shell.

Reeperbahn – Landungsbrücken – Baumwall (Elbephilarmonie) – Rödingsmarkt. Grateful acknowledgement HVV*.

Section of Hamburg Rapid Transit/Regional Rail Map. Grateful acknowledgement HVV*.

Man and young boy ascending steps near Landungsbrücken to the Promenade Landungsbrücken.

A mast of the sailing ship Richard Rickmers, looking up to the Promenade Landungsbrücken. Damp December day.

Looking downstream, the Elbe at Landusbrücken, Hamburg. Foreground, sailing ship Richard Rickmers, background Blohm+Voss.  Launched by Hitler in Hamburg, Blohm+Voss built the Second World War battleship Bismark here.  U and S Bahn station Landusbrücken off photo to the right.

Hamburg, February 1939: Launch of the battleship Bismark.  Note the National Socialist swastika flags. Photo Keystone.

Looking upstream, between Landungsbrücke and Baumwall.  The new Elbphilharmonie concert building in the background. View from the Promenade Landungsbrükcn

Interior, Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg. Photo source, with grateful acknowledgement  NDR**.

The Promenade Landungsbrüken between Landüngsbrucken and Baumwall, Hamburg.

Line U3 train above west-bound Vorsetzen carriageway, between Landungsbrücken station and Baumwall station.

The Vorsetzen carriageway, east bound between Landungsbrücken and Baumwall. Elevated U3 track off picture to left.

Goofy men graffiti underneath elevated track between Landungsbrücken and Baumwall,  U3 Hamburg.

Man walking to his car, U3 train above him, Vorsetzen carriageway west bound, Hamburg.

Women in an office above Vorsetzen road, with U3 line elevated structure reflected in the windows.

Baumwall U3  station sign and entrance, on the right.

Below Baumwall U3 station, in direction of Rödingsmarkt U3 station.

Support beams, and lift to Baumwall U3 station from Vorsetzen carriageway.

Waiting for a train, platforms and elevated section of track, Baumwall U3 station. 

Departing U3 train, destination Schlump – Barmbek, Baumwall station, Hamburg.


photos Pete Grafton. December 11, 2019.



*Hamburger Verkehrsverbund

**Norddeuscher Rundfunk



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