HAHN: a village in the Hunsrück – HUNSRÜCK, where German film maker Edgar Reitz set his epic film series, spanning from 1918 to post re-unification Germany in 1990.


HAHN also was an important USSAF/NATO base. By 2009, with the changing political situation, it was almost unused, except for occasional NATO exercises.

HAHN is 117 km (73 miles) from Frankfurt. In 2009 RyanAir were flying a small schedule of flights from the UK to HAHN, a destination they called Frankfurt Hahn.

As a USAAF base it feautured in the post German re-unification segment of Edgar Reitz’s HEIMAT.

Waiting for a return flight to the UK I took photos.

Click below for the link to Pete Grafton/You Tube

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