LONDON TOWN 54, the photographs of Hans Richard Griebe

London Town 54, the photographs of Hans Richard Griebe


London Town ’54 is a unique online collection of photographs taken in London in the late summer of 1954 by Hans Richard Griebe, a German attending a six week course in conversational and colloquial English at the London School of English.


Hans Richard Griebe took hundreds of photos whilst in London and pasted them into a scrap book in 1954.  Pete Grafton acquired the scrap book in 2008, and from it he has selected and restored a great many of the photos.

Besides taking photos of London, Hans Richard went on excursions, including travelling on the Royal Sovereign pleasure boat down to Southend on Sea.


Young Woman and Kursaal and Speedway, Southend on Sea, 1954


Three Squaddies & 3 Coins in the Fountain


Woman at Waterloo Station, September, 1954.




Eve eats the apple, Oxford Street, 1954.


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